Monday, December 17, 2018

Pool House and Pool Walls Going Up

This is a view of the pool house kitchen.  It will also serve as the halfway house between 9 green and 10 tee.   

This view is the north wall of the pool house and through the plastic is the doorway into the mechanical room.  

Another shot of the pool house being built.

I am standing in the deep end of the pool and the brown boards are the framing of the pool walls.  The tent is working very well to keep progress moving in December and into January.
I was trying to get the perspective of the slope from the shallow end into the deep end to the left.

This one shows the yellow extra large heater as well as the north pool wall being framed.  Pool wall material pouring begins January 7!
A view from the middle of the pool down into the deep end.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Pool House Footings, Pool Drains and the East Expansion

Construction of the pool foundation in the heated tent begins the week of December 3rd.  

Drains were installed in the deep end of the pool last week.

This is a view from the deep end looking north.  The yellow temporary heater is where the shallow end will be.
This shows you a really good perspective of where the pool house will be.  The footings were poured this week and block walls are being installed.  These two gentleman are standing in the staff/lifeguard room. The kitchen is on the east side towards the tee.
Pool House - left to right - kitchen, breezeway entrance hallway, lockers rooms, mechanical room
Construction for the east wing expansion started this week scraping the topsoil off of the old first tee, removing the blacktop cart path and creating space to the south for sidewalks and cart paths.

This is the location where two indoor simulators will be.  Access to them will be from inside the 19th hole.

This a view from the back banquet room.  From here you will have access to the upper patio and below the patio on the first floor will be the fitness center and the pro shop.
I think from this spot near the corner of the tennis courts you will be looking at the fitness center windows on the first floor once completed.

Here is a panoramic looking back at the east expansion.

Monday, November 19, 2018

The Big Dig a Tent and the New 9th Green

A full sized excavator prepping the deep end of the pool.

Here is a photo looking south where the pool lap lanes will be.  The area was excavated, a liner was installed then stone was layered on top.  This enclosed tent will help regulate the air temperature during the construction of the pool.

A nice prospectus of the new 9th green and the pool complex location. 

This shows the site of the new par 3 9th green.  The green and three bunkers that have been shaped.  Our recent snow accumulation of 3-4 inches slowed up our progress on 9 green a bit but certainly not the pool progress.  More snow came down Friday morning and we are hoping to get the greens mix installed after a warming trend arrives around Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

8 Green Surface Finished - 9 Green Site Prep - Pool Site Prep

We finished the sod transfer from 9 green to 8 green, collar and approach on Friday.  Some of the rolled up approach sod from four weeks ago really turned yellow but I think it will look great by late May.  Bunker slope sod is next followed by bunker sand install.

A nice look at the new putting surface on the right side.

We removed all of the existing grass and skimmed off the topsoil on Thursday and Friday.  This Tuesday starts the construction of the new 9th green.

Here is a picture of the pool complex site prepped.  Soil excavation of the pool starts on Monday.

A meeting of the pool minds discussing the finish grade and elevation of the new pool house.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Nearly Finished with the Sod Transfer

Here is the view to the back left.

A panoramic from the approach.

The first plate compactor we used to compact the new greens mix was great on the sand mix but too aggressive on compacting the sod, so we switched to this little gem. 

The right side has a ton of new character.

We started sodding on Tuesday and this picture is from our work Saturday morning nearing the front of the green.

On Monday we'll start installing the collar around the green and finish the sod on the front of the green.

A view from behind the 9th green.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Final Expansion Prep, Topsoil Stripping and Sod Installation

Here is Dan doing some final leveling and compacting of our 85/15 greens mix.

All of the grass around 9 green, approach and the fairway was removed in preparation of the pool complex.
We started sodding the expansion on Tuesday morning.  We need to have all of the grass on 9 green removed by next Monday morning when they are going to set the final grade of the pool house.

Fall colors are always late to start on our property but what a view at 145 feet.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Old 8 Green Expansion and an Update on 9

On Monday we stripped the collar and placed it on pallets.

Monday also started the reshaping of the bunkers and removing and hauling of material for the expansion.

The small bunker that was in the 1952 aerial photo was re-established.

The soil was hauled out with my staff and three workmans.
New greens mix from the parking lot.
New greens mix left of the green.
This picture shows the new greens mix that was added to the expansion.  Compacting, leveling and new irrigation pipe and heads will be added this week.
Irrigation heads are being removed on all of 9.

The 9th hole is now closed for renovation.  This is the site of the future 9th green.  The orange fence around our oaks and maples help protect them from damage during the upcoming pool complex and 9th green construction.

Another picture of 9 looking south.  The new green will sit on the south side of that oak tree.


Thursday, September 27, 2018

Groundbreaking Press Conference - September 26, 2018

Club President Ed Price and General Manager Diane VanderVeen welcomed the crowd of 56 attendees to the site of the future pool complex.

Two local TV stations attended the press conference, here are their broadcasts on our story.

Click Here for Up North Live 7/4

Click Here for 9/10 News Video Story

We had numerous civic groups attending our event as well as our project professional and consultants, our board of directors, club management, members and of course the two TC station reps.  

L-R Ed Price Club President, Tim Burden board and renovation committee member, Don Placik Renaissance Golf Design, Mike Comstock member and Comstock Construction, John Dancer Cornerstone Architecture, Diane VanderVeen General Manager

L-R Scott Hebert Golf Professional, Susan Ling Membership Director, Troy Sutherland Fitness Instructor, Janet Larrabee Restaurant Manager, Diane VanderVeen General Manager, Steve Hammon Golf Course Superintendent

The Board of Directors
L-R Shaun Schneider, Ed Price, Jim Mellinger, Greg Williams, Tim Burden, Becky Odinga, Jeff Schwartz, Steve Booher