Wednesday, March 13, 2019

19th Hole Renovations Have Started

You can see through the plastic in the 19th hole that the wall into the pro shop was removed.

The current door into the hallway from the 19th hole will be the corner of a new waitstation with cabinets.  The new entrance into the 19th hole from the hallway will be on the right.

The pro shop area will be the 19th hole expansion.  This far wall in the pro shop will be in the location of our two new golf simulators.
Color samples to match the chairs and carpet.

The hallway of history will continue east and will makes its way to the new fitness facility and to the pro shop.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Pool House Trusses and Three Tents

Here is a view on the southwest corner of the pool house as the trusses are being installed.  One interesting note, we had to have the commercial kitchen hood placed inside the building before we could put the trusses on over the kitchen.  Both were ordered early to tackle this minor construction challenge.

The northwest corner of the pool house.

The large four lane lap pool tent was partially disassembled and this portion is covering the zero degree walk in pool.  Each pool gets a plastic liner and then a stone subsurface before the formed walls are built.

The tent on the left is the activity pool which is connected to the four lane lap pool on the north side.  You can see the deep end pool walls in the shade under the tent on the right.  

All three tents and this is some crazy progress for northern Michigan during the third week of January!!!!

Friday, February 1, 2019

Clubhouse Renovations This Winter

Here is a view looking north at the new addition.  The building addition on the back of the patio will be a new restroom, mechanical room and storage.  The steps on the right will go up to the new outside patio.  The door and the three windows on the right will be in new golf shop.  The double door in the middle will be a hallway to the new fitness center and the current hallway of history.  The stone wall on the left will be one of the new golf simulators.

This view looking east in the 19th hole shows the two new golf simulators.  
Another view of the sims and addition to the 19th hole which is the current golf shop location.   

The 19th hole bar has a few minor changes but on the top of the image is a new wait staff station and the double doors will be moved.

Options, options, options!

Here is a stone wall sample created to match our current exterior walls.  One interesting thing to note about the new fitness room....the current exterior east wall of the clubhouse will be the inside west wall of the fitness center, how cool will that look! 

Pool house trusses have arrived and are scheduled to be installed in mid-February.  Wall block work continues next week.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Lap Pool is Poured!

They installed 9 tons of rerod.

This is a view of the pool floor looking south.

They started pouring the floor in the deep end and worked their way north to the shallow end.
The crew standing on temporary supports forming the deep end walls. 

Lots of hand work forming the sides.

170 yards of concrete was poured.


The gap to the left is the entrance to the activity pool which can be accessed from the lap pool.

Here is the new sign we installed at the entrance of The Club helping promote the pool complex and new memberships.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Pool Building Walls, Pool Rebar and the East Wing Clubhouse Addition

Here is the pool house entrance breezeway.  The kitchen is on the left and the locker room entrance is the opening on the right.

The pool house kitchen will provide food and drinks as you make the turn as well as while you enjoy the pool complex.

Looking north at the pool house.  The left entrance will be the lifeguard and staff office and the two other doors will be family restrooms. 

This one is inside the pool tent showing the pool floor rebar and the wall structures, also with rebar.  I am in the shallow end looking south to the deep end.

The east wing clubhouse foundations were dug, prepped and poured in the last two weeks.  This corner of the building is the pro shop and there will be outside steps going up to the patio.

Looking east outside the current dining room.

Excavated material prepping for the clubhouse foundations and the approximate site for the first tee. 

Monday, December 17, 2018

Pool House and Pool Walls Going Up

This is a view of the pool house kitchen.  It will also serve as the halfway house between 9 green and 10 tee.   

This view is the north wall of the pool house and through the plastic is the doorway into the mechanical room.  

Another shot of the pool house being built.

I am standing in the deep end of the pool and the brown boards are the framing of the pool walls.  The tent is working very well to keep progress moving in December and into January.
I was trying to get the perspective of the slope from the shallow end into the deep end to the left.

This one shows the yellow extra large heater as well as the north pool wall being framed.  Pool wall material pouring begins January 7!
A view from the middle of the pool down into the deep end.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Pool House Footings, Pool Drains and the East Expansion

Construction of the pool foundation in the heated tent begins the week of December 3rd.  

Drains were installed in the deep end of the pool last week.

This is a view from the deep end looking north.  The yellow temporary heater is where the shallow end will be.
This shows you a really good perspective of where the pool house will be.  The footings were poured this week and block walls are being installed.  These two gentleman are standing in the staff/lifeguard room. The kitchen is on the east side towards the tee.
Pool House - left to right - kitchen, breezeway entrance hallway, lockers rooms, mechanical room
Construction for the east wing expansion started this week scraping the topsoil off of the old first tee, removing the blacktop cart path and creating space to the south for sidewalks and cart paths.

This is the location where two indoor simulators will be.  Access to them will be from inside the 19th hole.

This a view from the back banquet room.  From here you will have access to the upper patio and below the patio on the first floor will be the fitness center and the pro shop.
I think from this spot near the corner of the tennis courts you will be looking at the fitness center windows on the first floor once completed.

Here is a panoramic looking back at the east expansion.