Wednesday, October 2, 2019

September Progress and into October

Lots of progress during September in and around the 1st tee complex.

Here is a picture of the many different paint color options that the committee reviewed for the new fitness center walls, ceiling and the very grand exposed beams.

Starting off the first week of October with a bang!  My crew is  sodding the putting green bank.  The collar of the putting green sod transferred well from behind 9 green and we have seed germination on the putting green!

On the left is the new first tee.  We have been using it for special events and weekends when the construction crew isn't working on site.

A view from inside the new golf shop, carpet and paint are next.

In early September we had the entrance woods hydroseeded and grass is now growing. 

A close version of the brick pavers that will be outside the lower level which starts the week of October 7th.

Removing the old blacktop.

Installing new drainage.

Seeding the new putting green.
I launched the drone one day last week to get some 1 tee progress  pictures and captured this great one on #9.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Pool Complex - 1st Tee Complex - Clubhouse Patio - First Floor Renovations

The finished pool complex from 200 feet up.

The new first tee on the left and the putting green on the right.  Tee sodding will start Friday and into next week then the seeding of the green to follow.
A first view of the new patio looking east.

Looking west with lights and electrical outlets going on next.
This is the final patio surface.  The rain water moves through the edges and into a retention system down in front of the first tee.

A view of the inside west fitness wall.  This would have been the clubhouse wall view from the old back tee on 1.

The fitness room looking west.

Blowing in the ceiling insulation inside the new simulators.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Pool Fence - South View - 1 Tee Complex Planning

The first drone shot of the new fence around the pool complex.  With no chance of rain Tuesday - Thursday of this week they will be spraying the plaster on the inside of the pool.  Immediately following the plaster they will start filling the pools with water.  More deck concrete this week and north pool house sidewalks.  

A view south of the pool to 9 green.  Topsoil will be spread back around on Monday and irrigation installation starts on Wednesday in this area.

Here is a view of both facilities under construction.

Water and ice will be available for refills at the turn.
A late Friday planning meeting for this week's start of the 1st tee and putting green complex.  Irrigation reroute for 18 green Tuesday morning then bulldozer shaping on Wednesday.

We finished adding the green bank sod on the west side of 9 along the cart path and we also softened the slope on the west side of the cart path.  This week we will be seeding along the cart path and around the back tee.  

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Sand Piles Moved & Pool Deck Progress

All of the excess pool complex material was moved over to the 1st tee and putting green complex.  Shaping starts Monday July 29th.  Up next for this area will be three large drain culverts and some underground drain piping.  

A panoramic of the future first tee and putting green.

A view from the south with all of the piles of sand moved.  A majority of this remaining path is still in place for cement truck access from 19th street and will be moved by the end of next week.  

We had two cement pours around the pool edge followed by the saw cuts.  Solid progress was made but the rainy weather last week delayed further pool deck cement installation.

Friday, July 12, 2019

1st Tee Concept Plan

Now that the 1st tee is totally under construction, here is the concept plan for the future 1st tee, putting green and cart staging.  The large underground tank system is for stormwater off of the new patio, cart paths, sidewalks and the cart staging area.  Click on the image for a full screen view.

Monday, July 8, 2019

July 8th Update

Prepping the subgrade for our first of four concrete pool deck pours starting on Tuesday.

Here is a view of the valley on one.  The stakes are the location of the underground water retention system that will collect the storm water off of the new patio and cart staging area.

Speaking of the patio, the water proof membrane is being installed.
More floor tile leading into the breezeway lockers and into each locker room.

The pool house breezeway tile was installed.

All new pool house kitchen appliances were delivered install and many are operational.

The dizzying mechanic room in the pool house is nearly finished.

Installed tile on the spa hot tub.  Inside plaster walls are being sprayed in this week. 
After waiting almost three weeks for our 2nd sod delivery from downstate to arrive, we sodded around the forward tee and the west side of the 9th green bank. 

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Clubhouse Addition Walls, Final Grades and 9 Green Complex Progress

Here is a view from outside the clubhouse addition looking into the hallway.  The pro shop is on the right, simulator backwall on the left and the fitness room in the distance.
This will be a slightly sloped hallway from the hall of history into the new addition.  Simulators left, fitness right.

This was a meeting to discuss final grade measurements, drainage basin styles and locations, min and max final slopes, perimeter drains and logistics.

Starting to backfill and compact the final grades around the new pools.  This week is a cement pouring around the edge of the pools, pool liners start to be installed and maybe by the end of the week pool deck cement starts.
The new 9th green, approach and fairway are really looking great!

We installed the green bank sod last week.  

Here is a view from behind 9 green.
We finished installing the new bunker sand in all three bunkers last week.  We'll water and compact them next week to help firm them up.

On Thursday our special tee mix soil arrived and was installed on the forward and back tee.  A final layer of topsoil was added to merge the tee and banks together.  Sodding starts on the forward tee Tuesday, June 18.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Activity All Around

The new 9th green, collar and approach have been sodded.  We used the grass from the putting green and nursery so it would match our other greens.  This hole is on schedule to open the first week of July.

Here is a panoramic view from the new patio.  They started the railing install this past week.

I am standing in the future pro shop looking towards the first hole.

Outside the fitness room windows are stacked pallets of exterior stone for the new clubhouse addition.

The food service window and counter top for the 1/2 way house. 

Looking north are doors for the life guards office, two easy to access restrooms and three pillars near the food service window.

This may look like another pool but it will be the underground stormwater retention system.